Autobiography - Forgotten Memories - 7 books and stories free download online pdf in Hindi

Autobiography - Forgotten Memories - 7

Bapu said to me about 11 o'clock,"You go home.Today is Goverdhan.Those who don't know about my self that I am here.They will come home to meet."
I did not want to go home but I had to go home after Baby's repeated request.
The quater was about two kilomitar away from the railway hospital.I took fifteen minutes to reach home from hospital..After reaching home I was opening my clothes,then a sipahi came on cycle.He said to me,"sahib want to meet you."
And he hurriedly took me to the hospital by cycle.I get off the cycle and ran towards Baby's ward.But the door closed before I could go in.
When the door open Bapu left this world leaving me alone.My world was ruined.Bapu's shadow was lifted from my head.
The sad news of my father death. Was given to my Rajji who was in Bandikui.And Vapis higher officials were also informed.In those days Bandikui__Aburoad section was meter gauge and 3 up train was running between Delhi and Ahmedabad.Sinha sahib who was ASO in ajmer and my Fauji and other relatives came from this train on 11 November 1969 in the morning.
I was studying in Bsc final year that time.,After Bapus passed away my mind was disturbed from further studies.Sinha sahib advised my Rajji to complete my studies.But I refused to study further.
Vapis high officials gave us full support.My younger siblings were studying. . The responsibility of the family had fallen on my shoulder.It was now 8 months in the final examination.Till then the family could not go to the village.In place of Bapu such a Inspector was posted at Abu Road who did not keep family with him.. Railway quarter was allotted in his name.But we stayed in it.
After the death of Bapu I worked in PWI office for a few days.Then I was given a job in Disel Shed in Abu Road.Then after about six months permanent posting as ACC was given to me.I had to go Udaipur for two and half months trainings.My family moved to Bandikui.We were five trainee in one room in training school.we all five got compensation job in railway.
With us in our class six trainees were come after promoted from class fourth.
There in training school 3times tea,2 times breakfast and food two times was served.We have to go for PT early in the morning.After evening tea all had to go for play games.
Bapu had made Rani a religious sister.Her husband H L Chaudhari was health Inspector in Abroad.Later he was transferred to Udaipur.Both my buaaji and tufani had come to Abu road after Bapu's death.I met them first time.He had got quarter in training center in Udaipur..It was the first time I met my cousins.My cousins were of my age..As long as I stated there I used to go everyday to met them.
After completion of my training I was posted in Kota Division.After complete training came Bandikui, Stayed here for one day.Then I reached kota.There was one month practical training.After completing practical training at kota,I was posted at Bharatpur Station

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