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Autobiography - Forgotten Memories - 4

From here i had passed. 10 class examination from Rajsthan Board.Beawar's sesame stripes is famous.Taste is wonderful.In 1966 Bapu was transferred from Beawar to Abu Road.
Here Bapu also got a railway quarter in mata ghar colony.Me and my younger brother were admitted in the railway higher secondary school.Other siblings were admitted to another school.
Mount Abu and Ambaji are nearby from Aburoad.Mount Abu is the hill station.Here is the famous temple of Delvada.There is nakky lake.Here is also famous Brahmaji Mary's ashram,Sun set point is also to see.Thousands of tourists come here every year.There is a temple of Mata in Ambaji.
There was circulation in the railway school, Girls also studied with us.There was six girls in science section.Among them I still remember Maya.Vashisth was a doctor in railway hospital Abroad.Maya was his sister.Her parents lived in Jaipur.Maya was living with his brother and studying.
Maya's colour was fair.She was really beautiful.She was modern and bubbly girl.She was frenk.She didn't hesitate to talk to the boys.She was fond of wearing stylish clothes.Every day she used to wear new design clothes.Her name was associated with some boys.Some students also tried to defame her.Some boys used to worry about seeing her and also harass her.But she did not pay attention to these things.She was bold girl.
I passed higher secondary examination from Anuroad.Maya was also passed.After passing she went to Jaipur.After that I saw her in Nandini when I was going to Agra.
I had to take admission in college after passing the 11th class examination.In those days education was not as it is today.Colleges were not everywhere.Near Abroad, Sirohi and Dalna had to be where collages were located.I was thinKing where to take admission.Bapu had given up on me.
My one classmate had taken admission in Jodhpur University, Jodhpur.I had met him when he came to Abroad.He also advised me to take admission there.On his advise I went to Jodhpur and take admission in BSc.
In. Those days monthly fees was Rs 3 and paisa 75.I did not want to live in the hostel.So I tenter a room in Murlidhar Joshi Bhavan previous its name was Rel karan building on high court road..It was near the university and cold be teacher on foot.
There was many rooms in this building on the second floor.In which students studying in university were living.Some students who lived there in these rooms with me are Ram prakash and Shiv chand joshi from Bahot,Mohd aslam from Makrana,Ram Narain and others.
Some of the lectuars who taught me were Amar singh,Shah and his wife Mridula and others.Then when I was studying there VVJohn had come here as the vice Chancellor.He had also been the secretary of the Rajsthan Secondary Board.During his time there was also a fierce demonstration of the students..Jodhpur's mava and onion kachori were famous..
I watched here Ram aur shyam,Aadmi,Phir wo hi dil laya hoo, Lat Sahib and some other movies.
When I used to come to Abroad during college holidays there was no direct train.I had to come Marwar jn from here onwards train were available.

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