Autobiography - Forgotten Memories - 5 books and stories free download online pdf in Hindi

Autobiography - Forgotten Memories - 5

While coming from Jodhpur to Marwar,Link jn used to come in the way., Rasgulla here were famous.In those days a kilo cost was Rs 4.
When I came to Abroad in college holidays,I would definitely go to meet my friends.I still remember my friend Pooran.From Abroad I got fond of reading literary books..It is written in details in my writing journey .The wheel of time keeps rotating.
The year 1969 was very painful for me. or rather the turning point of my life.Which changed the goal of my life.
May be you don't believe me.Take my words unbelievable or consider it a lie.But it is reality which I have experienced.In other words, I have experienced every moments
I had a bad dream.Everyone dreams.Dreams are filled with closed eye's,which break as soon as they open their sleep.People dreams while sleeping.My dream was such that it was visible even when I was not awake.I used to see my Bapu's corpse in my sleep .I Wake up scared.And it was the same when I wake up.
This started happening with the beginning of 1969. This was such a thing that could not even share with anyone.
I didn't understand what to do?Then I started writing letters to Bapu..In letters I would ask about his health.In those days postal delivery was done in Jodhpur both the times.The postal system was also very tight.Letters used to arrive very earlyThe reply of my letter would have come sooner.Bapu would write about being healthy in every letter..Bapu is healthy even after getting the news, Dreaming could not stop..
Many incident happened that year . Two of my cousin's wives newborn baby died soon after birth.One of my brother in law's brother was a railway servant in marwar..He died suddenly.And many such incidents happened in our family,which upset Bapu a lot.
Because of that scary dream I started worrying every day..I could neither sleep properly nor could I wake up.
I had participated in NCC. That year during the Diwali holidays,a 10 days NCC camp was held in Mount Abu.I had come to the camp thinking that after the completion of the camp,I would not go to . Jodhpur and go straight to my home on Abroad.
Ten days camp was a disaster for me.. The dream I had been dreaming of for a year.It had had assumed a more frightening form.. This keep me distracted all the time.Suffering from severe mental torture.
I could not sleep at night.Even if I had slept,I would have seen Bapu's dead body.I would wake up in fear .Ten days had passed with great difficulty.The camp was over.The cadets who had come to the camp went back to jodhpur.I had came to Abroad.
I had come home on Dhanteras.Bapu was looking completely healthy.
But that scary dream still didn't stop.
November 9 of the year 1969 it was choti Diwali.I had gone to the market.Railway Protection Force office was on the platform.All Railway Protection Force staff of Aburoad knew me..I didn't go to Baby's chamber.In another room ,the hvaldar and the Asst Sub Inspector used to sit.I always used to sit beside them.

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