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Creation - Part 1

"Stop stop. You both have gone mad"She spoke separating them.
This story is a century old.The means of transportation and communication were advanced,but not as many today.
A ship was going from one continent to another.People of different countries,races were aboard that ship.People were laughing, joking having fun in the journey.One night there was a sudden storm in the sea.The ship couldn't withstand that Strom.And drowned in the sea.People scream as soon as the ship sinks.
Two men leap from the sinking ship.The storm swept them away.Both men fainted while flowing with water.One said when he came to his senses in the morning,"where I
Another man looked around then he said,"looks like the Strom has brought us to an island.'
Then both remembered the night's incident for a while Then one said,"I am hungry"
"Let's look at some food,"another man said.
And they both went in search of food? They both came to know in a few hours.It was a deserted island.There was nothing on thay island other then just wild animals and trees and grass.. There were a Lot of fruits trees.They were both hungry.They ate foods.
And then they both came to beach.They waited for a ship to pass by the island.The whole day passed.But did not any ship pass near the island.The Sun sets.The Darkness spread all around .The sound of wild animals began to be heard at night.They both climbed a tree to avoid them.And thus many days passed.
Now they understood,this deserted island is cursed.No body comes to or around this island..They will have to spend the rest of the their lives on this island..Life cannot be lived while homeless. They have to build a house to live.. Together they made a hut using trees,grass, bushes and stones,which was easily available there.
In the day they both went to forest plucking fruits from the trees. Then they used to come and sat on the beech. They still had not given up hope,. They were confident that some ship would come ashore one day. But everyday they disappointed.
Sometimes some stuff comes to the shore.If it was of there use, they would bring it.
Gradually,the days passed,as months,And the month passed as the year.
Many years later. One day both of them reached the beech,they were surprised to see the scene there. A girl was lying on the beech. They reached near her. The girl was unconscious. The girl came to her sense through their efforts. She said as soon as she regained consciousness,"where I am?"
"You are on a deserted island."
Another man asked her,"How did you come here?What happened with you?"
"With me?"and she remembered the night's accident
She was going from one continent to other continent by ship.There was many people on board. The ship was moving forward stopping at ports.. Everyone was very happy.Everyone was laughing, dancing, singing and enjoying the cruise.
A sudden sea storm came in night.
Strong wind blows. The sea began to roar fiercely. Due to the waves in the sea,the ship started hitching. And finally the ship sank.
Seeing the ship sink.people shouted.starts making sounds of save.But who comes there to save them

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