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Why do we need to speak English, when our audience can understand the mother tongue and national language. This language chaos is suppressing a lot of talented people. What's the real story??? When people start discrimination other people because someone is not speaking English, then it is alarming. It has been happening for years. And now today, we are living in time where people who can't speak English lost confidence in putting their remarkable ideas across the audience. And this is not good for society that needs innovation very badly. So this is why, it is very crucial to rebuild the confidence within the people by showing greater values of their culture and language. That's not all... Don't kill your idea, creativity and your self esteem because you don't know how to express it in English. After some age, if you having a hard time in learning English, don't adjust at all, don't worry. Let those people adjust for you who know Hindi and other language. Respect your self no mat

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