My name is Brij Mohan sharma.I am retired lecturer.I have 37 yrs experience of teaching Physics.and Maths. to Highersecondary classes. Beside that I have deep knowledge and experience of Astrology, Yoga, meditation aerobics etc.I have held many free camps of astrology, Yoga, accupressure. I love to sing old filmy songs and Ramayan and Geeta in most melodious voice. My poems Forest and That shrilling sound were selected in international competition and were highly praised.I was asked permission to print it in world famous book of poems. Sound of Poetry . I have written eight books in English and Hindi long back all eating dust in unknown corner.Now as my days are numbered however I somehow want to publish them if at all possible.One of my book The Highest Bliss (A deep search) is recently published in Now I want to publish its Hindi version with U. Kindly help me as I am very old person with very less computer know how.Many of my articles were published in news papers