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• I am in to writing and technical translation since 15+ years. I had done pioneer translation work in Hindi & Chhattisgarhi Linux and OLPC Hindi. I had translated UI & Help files of hundreds of applications and web sites that include Globalvoices and official W3C sites. I had also written hundreds of technical tips/how to articles in print as well as in Internet. • I am an Engineering Graduate - a certified Chartered Engineer, who turned to writing and translations to satisfy my passion. I had earned many awards for my translations and writings. Some especially mentionable were – FOSS IN 2008 & IT Manthan2009 award. I was also awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional during 2007-2009. • I am an expert in IT/Computer/Mobile UI localization. • I had translated stuffs for many top Multinational brands (under NDA). • My native language is Hindi and I am expert in English > Hindi technical translation. • I am also actively involved in content development in Hindi – Literary as well as te

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