Sachin A. Pandey

Sachin A. Pandey







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Sachin A. Pandey {Satyaveer} is an author who has modern thoughts and views regarding the Indian Literature.He aspires to make his write ups a base to reach soul of the people.His vocabulary is blessed with the strength to occupy a special nook in the heart of the people.He writes articles based on beloved feelings, social issues, occasional importance, etc.He is a multi-lingual author.He writes articles in various languages viz. English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Marwadi, etc. His poems get published in many Indian magazines frequently. He writes lyrics for the songs too.. We wish, the songs written by him will be seen in the Indian Music in the future.. He has written more than 100 articles yet and we are hopeful to see more and more from him in future.

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